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Maintenance Requests

If you have a maintenance issue, please submit an online Maintenance Request. Please note that we can address the request in a timely manner if maintenance can enter your unit when available, with no need to delay until someone is home. In case of emergency please contact the property manager at 608-784-7744. If you smell gas please call Xcel Energy immediately at 800-895-4999.


If you have laundry hookups but do not wish to invest in a washer and dryer, we have sets available for rent. Please send us an email at or contact the manager at 608-784-7744 and we will install a set for you. A deposit is required.

Pest Control

Residents are responsible for treating the common pests which include, but are not limited to ants, flies, wasps, bed bugs, fleas, spiders, beetles, earwigs and rodents.


Although we appreciate the desire to get a new puppy or kitten, cats, dogs, and pets are addressed at lease signing and cannot be added after the fact. Unfortunately, anyone moving in and not identifying that they have a pet is in breach of their lease.

Problems with Neighbors

If you are experiencing any problems with your neighbors, please email us or call the property manager immediately. Do not confront or discuss the problem with the neighbor, since it is preferred to keep all complaints confidential. Be assured that the issue will be addressed immediately. All complaints are kept on file.

Extra Garage Needed

At most properties we have extra garages available. Please email the manager for availability.

Larger (or Smaller) Unit Needed

We know that job and family situations arise and can change your plans. If you find yourself in such a situation, please call us immediately. We may be able to help.

Adding a Person to a Lease

All adults over 18 years of age living in a unit must be on the lease. If a new individual wishes to be added, he or she must complete an application and be approved before moving in. Of course, visitors are always welcome, but stays longer than two weeks require management approval.

Giving Notice When Lease is Expiring

A 57-day written notice from the first of a month is required. Please submit the notice online, so we can contact you ASAP. The sooner we know your plans, the sooner we can begin working together for a smooth transition. When we receive your notice we will discuss with you the process for advertising and showing your unit. New renters understand you are moving and expect boxes and some disarray, but your unit should have some order and be presentable to prospective tenants.

Moving Before Lease has Expired

If your lease has not expired, we will do all we can to get your unit re-rented for you. You will, however, be responsible for the rent and utilities until it is re-rented. Please refer to your copy of the Nonstandard Rental Provisions Agreement for additional fees that apply when terminating before your lease has expired.

FYI: A prospective tenant may call in the morning and want to see the unit in an hour. If you cooperate with this short notice and allow flexibility to have a showing if you are not home, we can get your unit re-rented for you much sooner and release you from your lease obligations.


We do not allow subletting, but would be happy to meet with and qualify any new tenant you may recommend.

Cleaning on Move Out

A cleaning list will be provided approximately 1-2 weeks before your move out date. To facilitate an easy transition we will fill all nail holes, do all necessary painting and schedule the carpet shampooing.


You are responsible for utilities through the last day of your lease as stated in your lease documents. We will take care of finalizing your move with the electric/gas company and water utility, as needed. You will only need to call your internet provider to cancel or transfer your service.

Security Deposit Return

Security deposits are always postmarked within 21 days of your move out day. Sometimes there is a delay in obtaining the final utility readings, cleaning charges, etc., but we make every effort to return your deposit as soon as possible. Please make sure we have your new address.

Amount of Deposit Returned

Our goal is always to return as much of your deposit as possible. There are no charges for normal wear and tear in the unit such as touch up painting, unless there has been neglect and/or candle soot damage to walls and ceilings. The amount of the deposit returned is based on the cleanliness of the unit as indicated on the Resident Move Out Cleaning List, as well as any unpaid damages, garbage/furniture removal, outstanding utility bills, unpaid NSF, unpaid rent, or late fees or other miscellaneous charges that arose during your tenancy. Again, we want to return as much of your deposit as possible, so attention to all the above is helpful.